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City Workers push to dig out Barberton after the latest snow storm

  • January 24th, 2019
  • by Justin Greer

According to Cleveland 19 News, the City of Barberton received more than 11.0 inches of snow during the last snow storm. Snow is nothing new to Ohio but it has been a few years since the City of Barberton has received so much snow in 48 hours.

What made this last week so interesting was the weather chance after the storm. Barberton saw windchills around -10 degrees one night with rain and 47 degrees the next day followed up by a refreeze. City workers have been working non-stop clearing roads, drains and sewer lines. With a break in the weather, city help to dig Barberton out and remove snow from downtown.

With so much snow in a short period of time, it is hard to keep emergency vehicle access open and remove snow at the same time. Today W Tuscarawas Ave downtown is closed as crews use heavy machinery to remove snow and restore business as usual.

Next time you see a city worker, be sure to thank them for being persistent and sticking to the long hours.


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