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Carla Debevec Announces Candidacy for Mayor

  • June 12th, 2019
  • by Justin Greer

On June 12th, Carla Debevec launched her campaign for Mayor of the City of Barberton in a Youtube video.

Carla Debevev is currently sitting in a Council at Large seat in the city council. Mrs. Debevec’s family has a history in the City of Barberton and it’s politics.  Her father Randy Hart was Mayor of Barberton from 1993 to 2008 and she currently sits on City Council.

“Sometimes our local politics seem disappointing, filled with too much conflict and too little inspiration,” Debevec stated in her youtube video. She continues to say “We need leadership that is willing to create a business-friendly environment and that welcomes all.”

According to her video, Debevec wants to tackle Jobs, Infrastructure, and Image.

“I am running for Mayor because I have seen first hand that we can and must expect more from our local leadership and I pledge that I will work hard every day to live up to that expectation,” Debevic said toward the end of her video.

Carla Debevec will be facing the incumbent Mayor Judge and Steve Brookens in the September Primary as a Democrat.


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