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City of Barberton Starts Layoffs with a $4 Million Deficit

  • January 29th, 2019
  • by Justin Greer

The City of Barberton and Mayor Judge announced today that they have started reducing the burden on the City’s budget by laying off employees. In a Facebook post, the city explained that the most significant expense is employee expenditures. The City also stated in the release that the Union has failed to compromise with concessions resulting in more layoffs.


The notice Firefighters received to inform them they have been laid off


Note: The Union recently stated that in 2009 the City of Barberton requested concessions and took more than initially agreed upon and that they could not trust the City to keep their promise this time.

The first to go might be a surprise to some, as Barberton’s Safty Director and Chief laid off 4 Firefighters. At the time that the Firefighters were notified the Fire Department was on it’s 18th EMS run and had to call in assistance from 3 other local municipal Fire Departments to help with the load imbalance.

A source reported that all in all, a confirm 17 City employee’s were notified of their lay off today. Some employees that were laid off mentioned concern with the manner they were notified.

Note: There are reports that there are a total of 26 employees laid off. This is from the Barberton Herald via an anonymous source.


Barberton’s Firefighter 329’s president Rick Schwenning replied in a public release shortly after the City of Barberton’s Press Release:

“I take exception to the Mayor’s quotes ‘People I know and respect.’ I doubt Mayor Judge could put the names to the faces of the Firefighters receiving the lay off notices today. He didn’t have enough “Respect” to be present as the notices were being handed out.”

As more information comes to light, this article will be updated.



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