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Trouble “BREWING” in town

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  • December 1st, 2018
  • by Darnell Vega

Problems Brewing Up

Iv’e heard rumors before of business owners having issues navigating around the city when it comes to location, and now I’m hearing it again. Local brewer Magic City Brewing Company is looking to send revenue outside the city due to complications finding a new location for expansion. It seems the city hasn’t provided much assistance in helping Jay Graham keep money flowing through a city he has dedicated much of his time too. Now he is looking in other areas for the space to grow his business which mean Barberton wont benefit from his efforts. Another new trendy addition the city has driven out.

Who’s Really Calling The Shots

I guess the most frustrating part is that the “powers that be” seem to bully or strong arm these bright visionaries. There are many great ideas that people could contribute. It shouldn’t be left up for question whether the city is giving someone a fair chance, but more than often I think thats not the case.

The Twist

If a business owner wants to expand their company, than it means they will expand their income. That means more money coming into the city. Now what gets me is that after the city runs out potential revenue, they will turn around a try to create a tax to bring in more money. Insert laughing emoji here. I wonder how people would feel if they knew they city was actively running out visionaries with great ideas that would thrive the city, just to turn around and ask the people for more money. Like the new utility bill for “lighting.” I guess the good ole boys don’t mean no harm.

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