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Can Barberton Add Revenue Without Adding Taxes?

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  • November 28th, 2018
  • by Darnell Vega

The Brightest Idea

After a long brainstorming session on ways to bring more revenue to the city, only one idea was left on the table. TAXES! Now when I first saw this I thought to myself, ” It’s just three bucks.” Whether the amount is a little or a lot, the topic seemed to receive a big HELL NO from the people. Is there a way to increase revenue in the city without raising taxes? I’m nobody important but if you ask me yes.

There May Be A Way

Last time I checked it was 2018 and we are in the biggest tech boom ever, right? There is a multitude of digital tools “the city” can use to increase the revenue with simple modern marketing techniques. I would like to think of the people in control of these matters as a group of out of date control freaks who still have a DVD player in their home, but that’s probably a perception thing. I know these are great people. It’s a sour feeling to know that trendy marketing techniques and ideas have been brought forth to the powers that be but have been shot down.

One way would be to gather digital analytics and data taken from the people who live in your city to maybe, you know, get to learn the people of your city. If you care to at least. Maybe learning what the people want, then giving them more of what they want. You know, because people spend money on what they want. These ideas may be a lot to handle right now so stay with me here. I don’t know much about how taxes work but If they want to impose a tax don’t people have to vote on it?

Resting My Brain

It just seems backward to me in a society like today to consistently piss off the residents of your city by using outdated methods of solving every issue around you. To me, the solution could be much lighter of a burden on the people and maybe a little more incentive based. Maybe a marketing approach needs to be taken for the city. If you’re in control of a business you advertise to grow, if you control a city maybe you can do the same? Maybe Barberton needs to start running as a business that helps the people and not a business that helps the people in control of the people.

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